Ifaco Grain Company

Ifaco Grain Company is a grain trading company, mainly focused on milling wheat. As main and in some cases exclusive supplier of the largest mills in West and Central Africa, the company is the figurehead of the Agro Companies group. For more than 35 years, we have provided an impeccable service.
More recently, Ifaco Grain Company has begun a phase of expansion in East Africa.

Ifaco Grain Company

Trading wheat for millers

in West and Central Africa

What we do

Ifaco Grain Company provides clients with a range of wheat varieties:


- High-quality semi-soft spring wheat with a high protein content, grown in Canada and the United States;


- soft winter wheat, mainly grown in France


- And soft and semi-soft wheat from other sources such as Germany, other European countries, the Black Sea and South America.


Ifaco Grain Company also provides controlled logistics through flawless control of operations, from origin to destination.

Ifaco Grain Company
Ifaco Grain Company Ifaco Grain Company

Our Strength

- A solid reputation based on reliability, honouring commitments and a long-standing market presence


- Logistics managed with watertight operational control from origin to destination


- Access to high-quality products from multiple sources and first-class suppliers


- Comprehensive product knowledge that enables us to understand our clients' industrial requirements


Ifaco Grain Company

- Regular supply and an obsession with timekeeping and punctuality has established our reputation over the years


 - Close relationships with clients thanks to a long shared experience and a continuous presence at their side


- Rigorous operational control from origin to destination.


- The strength and financial capacity of the Agro Companies International Group to carry out ambitious operations.


Ifaco Grain Company

Our Partners

Over more than 35 years, Ifaco Grain Company has built a tailored network. Firmly established in Canada and North America, we have built solid supply chains. We can draw on the resources of the Agro Companies group's other companies for the sole benefit of our clients.


In Europe, it relies on privileged partners who guarantee a top-of-the-range positioning. For all these reasons, Ifaco Grain Company is the exclusive partner of the main milling groups in West and Central Africa.


With the group's resources behind us, from port and maritime logistics to integrated sourcing, we also enjoy close partnerships with international central banks and credit institutions.

Ifaco Grain Company

Our Team

Charles Quenardel

An expert in the African market where he has traded for more than 15 years, Charles brings his interpersonal skills and experience to the benefit of the Group. His imperative: delivering best-in-class customer service.

Pierre Ménager

With ten years of trading with extensive experience in Africa, together with Charles, Pierre forms a dynamic and ambitious commercial duo who enables Ifaco Grain to rise to new challenges. His vocation: business development.

Marie Couteau

Head of Treasury and financing, Marie brings her banking expertise to financing operations. Her mission is to ensure that commitments are respected.

Elena Guex

In charge of operations, Elena puts her many years of experience in trading at the service of a rigorous control of operations. Her determination: impeccable execution.

Sophie Decarroz

Sophie is our operations assistant. With substantial experience as a logistics specialist in import/export, she supports the execution department with method and precision. Her goal is to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

Géraldine Bruère

Operations assistant, with more than 20 years of experience in the documentary execution of raw materials, Géraldine strengthens the team. Her vocation: the method.

Ifaco Grain Company

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