Based in Montréal, AgroHall is one of Canada's oldest independent cereals trading companies. We specialise in originating, marketing and exporting cereals, particularly high-quality Canadian wheat.


Originating and exporting

Canadian and American cereals

What we do

Our core business revolves around two types of wheat: spring wheat for milling and durum wheat for making pasta and couscous.


These products are originated mainly from North America, primarily Canada.


AgroHall also deploys its expertise in the origination and marketing of all wheat and cereal origins present on the American continent, from north to south.


At the same time, AgroHall deploys its expertise on other flows of Canadian origin, mainly protein and legume crops.


Its product line also includes a full range of associated services, designed to provide its customers with reliable and customized execution.


This unique expertise makes AgroHall one of the market's leading companies for both origination and export.

AgroHall AgroHall

Our Strength

- Specialised and competitive supply of high-quality wheat and cereals on a FOB and CFR basis.


- Comprehensive monitoring of the supply chain with quality checks and supervision of logistics at loading.


- A wide range of pricing mechanisms, including futures contracts and options.


- A high degree of flexibility in loading options.


- Full quality certification and tailored-made services for issuance of documents.


- Attractive financing options that enable the realisation of small and large scale transactions anywhere along the supply chain.


- The financial strength of Agro Companies Group to fund successful asset origination.


Our Partners

Thanks to our unique strategy, we have built a strong network of suppliers and customers working with us as business partners.


AgroHall has a long history of working as a part of the Canadian supply chain and selects only top-notch suppliers.


Characterised by efficiency and confidentiality, our reputation and working method allow us ongoing access to high-quality supplies at extremely competitive prices.


Our Team

Robert Frame

Trader and head of our business operations, Robert's extensive expertise in grain trading in Canada and the Americas comes from his experience trading cereals with major trading houses in Canada.

Lara Ghanem

Associate trader and operations manager, Lara brings her understanding, control and attention to detail to the service of commercial and operational fluidity. For over ten years, she has been playing a vital role in our Canadian branch.  

Svetlana Perez

As our protein and legume trader, Svetlana is in charge of developing this diversification activity for AgroHall. With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, she relies on a strong network both at origin and destination.

Siarna Genest

As our operations coordinator and administrative assistant to the team, Siarna’s thoroughness and dedication, complemented by her legal skills, ensure perfect execution and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Robert Dorey

As our financial controller, Robert's extensive knowledge in accounting and his mastery of Canadian financial institutions ensures the firm's solid economic foundation.



    4500-1250 René-Lévesque Boulevard West,
    Montreal, Quebec
    Canada, H3B 4W8

    +1 514 369 2476


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