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Agro Companies for Africa

Because we are working with Africa for over 30 years and because it is still the poorest continent in the world,
Because we are aware of the environmental impact of trade globalization and because we care,
Because our group has long supported African NGOs and because this is unfortunately never enough,
We encourage you to accompany us in this endeavor.

Fonds hébergé par Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

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Africa at heart

Agro Companies Group supports for more than 10 years, the NGO Terre Verte in Burkina Faso in its fight against desert encroachment in the Sahel region.

Concerned with agricultural issues in West and Central Africa, and the survival of rural populations on their territory, we bring to this NGO a regular financial support for the implementation of its program.

More than 20’000 people are now living thanks to the action of Terre Verte and its local partners.

Feel free to join us in contributing to its work by donating online


Stay wild !

In order to contribute to the preservation of the environment and wild life in Africa, Agro Companies International also supports Chem Chem Foundation in Tanzania.

Since 2013 this Foundation created by a French-Swiss couple, is working to breathe new life into the last biological corridor between Manyara and Tarangire Park, allowing the natural movements of migration of the animals, and especially elephants, essential to the survival of the ecosystem of the region, migration that settlement of men had come to prevent.

Chem Chem Foundation implements environmental protection projects that allow making the link between the interests of local communities (mainly Massai) and environmental imperatives. In addition to its daily activities, the Foundation invests heavily in education and formation, by giving school access to children and also by training eco-guard patrols.

Let’s accompany us and bring your own financial support to Chem Chem Foundation at



Women and children first

It is a silent tragedy that wreaks havoc in Africa and is not much talked about: obstetric fistula. The subject is unfortunately taboo, but the cause is very big.

This is the fight of Professor Charles-Henri Rochat and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Training and Research. A fight for women, to which Agro Company for Africa is happy to bring its modest support.

Do not hesitate to join us and support this cause financially:



Business Class Angel!

This is a generous and clever idea, launched by Juliette Dumas aka Madame Shine ...

Business Class Angel retrieves all the business class flight kits and transforms them into a first aid kit that it distributes to the poor.

Do like us, remember to get all the kits and become an Angel Business Class!:



Civitas Maxima

Civitas Maxima is an independent legal representation whose mission is to document international crimes and seek reparation on behalf of victims who are unable to claim their rights. Because these violent crimes affect not only the rights of individual victims, but also the humanity of us all, we have decided to support the work of Civitas Maxima.